Where the magic happens…

There is a place in Morocco, where the magic happens. The stories of djinns and Arab princesses, dangerous warriors and good rulers, mingle with shout of local retailers. Smell of fruits intertwined with aromas of oriental spices, to die for a moment in a sea of smoke escaping from portable furnaces and ovens standing in rows next to each other.

Women dressed in “jelaba” – traditional Moroccan robes. Almost all of them have hands painted with henna. In that intricate patterns are enchanted wishes of happiness, love and protection from the evil eye.

All that happens, in the shadow of the most famous mosque of the city, next to souku, which attracts thousands of shoppers.

You know already what I mean?

Yes, it’s Jam el Fnaa square in Marrakesh.

You haven’t been there? Pack your backpack and go!

This space can be described Morocco in miniature. Great architecture, the best dishes of the local cuisine, Berbers showing their cultural heritage, musicians, acrobats, jugglers, snake charmers, monkeys on chains and homegrown dentists offering on portable stands ready dentures, and single teeth. The square with the whole medina (old town) in 2001 was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a public space for the expression of local traditions and culture.

The name of this place can be explained in different ways, the two most common types are: “Square without a mosque” or “Meeting of the dead.” The second option is probably derived from the regular slave’s bazaar and executions of convicts, that took a place there, until the nineteenth century. Today, however, remained only memories repeated by guides introduce visitors to this magical place.

Allow yourself to be lost in the labyrinth of small streets, try to eat Harira and Tajine. Hide yourself in a mysterious light lamps, that shine through clouds of steam rising up. Feel the taste and flavor of Morocco. After a visit to the Jam el Fnaa nothing would be the same as before.

2 thoughts on “Where the magic happens…

  1. Abserahmane

    U know I live in Meknès city of Morocco for 26 years now, I have never visited Marakech just cuse of how much the weather can be hot in summer 40° 》50° plus it’s always packed with all genres of ppl from all over the world!
    And one more important thing Monika haven’t u noticed the prices in there are reaching the sky?

  2. MonikaHolykArora Post author

    Of course they reach the sky, it is a touristic place… Try to buy there something when you are a blond ;) You will pay golden price :P


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