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Turkish breakfast

For today I choose, a little bit lazy topic because slowly we are reaching weekend… Of course, Thursday it is almost a weekend! Just a few more hours at work and we can enjoy our own, free time…

When you are in Turkey (or you are willing to be, just for a moment, in your own kitchen!), it’s worth, at least once to try typical village breakfast.

What is so special about it? And why it can not be found in tourist resorts? Well, everything is different, special taste… Why? Home made food will always be better!

In small towns or in the middle of nowhere, you can find small, family restaurants offering morning meals…

Are you willing to try it? So leave your hotel, your all inclusive and discover the taste of real rural Turkey!

What you will find on your plates? Fresh, aromatic tomatoes, cucumbers, very often pepper! Different kinds of cheese, honey, marmalade, eggs (scrambled or boiled), of course Turkish tea and… home made bread! This bread makes all taste fantastic and I’m sure you are going to miss it in the future… if you will just try it!

You want to find a taste of Turkey at home, without moving anywhere? Well, you will have to prepare things named above. And yes, you can prepare turkish bread at home – but I am not going to lie, it will be complicated, but possible!

Breakfast is ready?

So sit in the shadow of the trees or lay comfortably on big, soft pillows, and delight yourself with a breakfast which can finish even at lunch time….

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