RULE (3)

Respect! Yourself


Simple word, used dozen of times every day. Do we really know what does it mean?

According to the dictionary it is “a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way”*
Now I’m asking you – Do you respect yourself?

Yes, you are reading correctly, there is no mistake in my question – Do you respect yourself?

People very often forget that they are important and they deserve to be respected by themselfs!!


First of all – if you do not respect yourself, you can not in fact respect others, because all the feelings starts in us… if you are not able to be enough true to yourself, you will not be able as well to treat others, in the way they need to be treated.

Secondly – if you do not respect yourself, why others should do that? – by not respecting yourself, you are sending a clear signal to the world! Signal letting people to treat you without respect.

So stop saying all the time, that you are not worth enough… that you are not talented… that you can not do that because you do not have the skills.

Respect yourself!

Respect and understand you are worthy human beings and you need respect same as you need water, food and a place to live!

Respect yourself and you will discover how much you can be able to do and offer to others!





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