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Respect! Others

Respect. Natural state of mind, which can lead to understanding, acceptation and peace.

Respect. Something, which is missing in the present world, torn apart by hate, incomprehension and envyness.

Respect! We love to talk about, but we hardly notice our own lack of it!

If we want to change the world, we have to start from our own!

Can you call yourself respectful? For those who are not your relatives, friends or colleagues?

Can you respect olders, who has their best years far after them?

Can you respect other religion?

Can you respect people from another culture? Even if they are a little darker or lighter than you?

Can you respect personal choices? Even those you do not agree with?

Can you respect people with other sexual orientation?

The world is built from dissimilarities! And there is no reason to fight against them! We simply have to respect them all! As well known saying says: Live, and let live!

If we want to live in a better world, we have to learn how to respect others!

Do not lose the time! Start today! Make this first step… Maybe you will not win the war today, but every battle brings us closer to the respectful place to live in!

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