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Puzzles of Happiness

Puzzles of happiness” is an attempt to find beauty in everyday life, appreciating what we have, but also the motivation to fight for your dreams!

Let it remind you of special moments and things in your everyday life, notice and rediscover them, build your own happiness on their foundations. Find the strength to fulfill your dreams and make a smile your constant companion!
Will you arrange puzzles of happiness with me?

Do what you believe in,
Believe in what you do!


What does happiness mean exactly and how do we understand it?

Has something good happened to you today?

You automatically answer: “nothing”…

That’s not true! Think!

A car stopped to let you walk across the road? Or maybe the city bus driver waited for you to get on… By pure chance you discovered that you can do more than you thought you could?  You lost 100 grams being on a diet?

This is happiness!

The small events which make your day better. You have to see that the good appears in the details! Because it’s usually hidden there! Happiness is beauty hidden in short, fleeting moments, but those brief moments make your smile stay on your face.

Think, what may make you smile tomorrow?

Sun shining from behind the clouds? Golden leaves falling on your head because of the wind? A child babbling happily in the pram in a city bus? A doggy jumping around your feet out of joy? Or maybe it will be a surprise SMS from a loved one?

Happiness is hidden under the guise of everyday life… Even if the media and colourful magazines are trying to convince you that the measure of complacency are luxury yachts, sport cars and a million other things…

It’s up to you to see the truth!

Happiness is a state of mind.

You can feel fulfilled without having all these items! Of course, life with a million in the account would be a lot easier, I’m not even going to deny it, but since none of us has such an amount right now, let’s enjoy what destiny has already given us.

Search for small joys in your surroundings. The more details you notice, the more happiness will appear in your way… Over time you’ll see more and more of it… Until happiness finally settles in your life for good… You will see that it will give you strength.

Think how many happy events the fate can bring you today! Believe that this might be your lucky day! And let that thought be your guiding theme from now on!

Still not convinced?


Are you awake? This is a reason for joy! And now think – how many good things happened to you in the past few days, weeks, months! You are smiling now, right? You are lucky!

Your whole life is made up of moments.

Those fleeting moments make us keep going forward! It depends on us how many of them we have in our lives!

There has never been anyone spoiled with good moments in every second, minute or hour of his life. Thanks to sadness you see joy. Hate enhances love.  You appreciate the sun because of the darkness of the night. Unpleasant tastes or smells emphasize the charm of those wonderful.

Create your own puzzles of happiness from these few minor joys!

But before you start to search for your puzzles, of which you will create own unique image, notice a few basic things. Aiming for the future you have to understand the past and fix the present. So do your obligatory “homework.”

Sit down and think for a moment: How many positive feelings do you send into space per day? Five? Ten? Twenty? Or a hundred?

Each of them will come back to you like a boomerang sent back by a higher power! Smile! Approaching the topic with fairness… Understanding… Every act of kindness and every good deed… Truth and honesty…

I know that nowadays these are very often luxury goods, and people have stopped sharing them… But because of their lack the world has become a treadmill…

Positive feelings and deeds make the sun shine brighter, the stars sparkle more intensely, love is stronger and life is happier!

Every day take care of your positive feelings (but honestly!). Appreciate the beauty of the world and life… And they will answer with the same!

Remember, everything you do, think or say comes back to you! Maybe not the same day, week, or month… But it will come back for sure!

Therefore, sending positive energy to the world is worthwhile!

A smile! A nice gesture! A good deed! A little patience! It’s all totally free! And it makes the world a friendlier place to live in!

In addition to that there has to be a bit of empathy.

The definition is quite simple:

The ability to feel other people’s mental states, to understand their way of thinking and seeing reality.

So ask yourself: how much empathy is hidden in you? Can you be empathetic when it comes to joy, concern, happiness or pain felt by other people? Can you understand the motivation behind their behaviour? Have you even tried to do it?

The world needs empathy because communities built on it and it can do a lot of good to their members.

Members of a community who care about each other can survive the greatest crises, disasters and emergencies… By feeling and understanding other people you become richer internally…

Can you see how important happiness is?

Are you wondering how to find it?

The answer was given by Erich Fromm:

„Happiness is either a coincidence or a gift from the gods. Happiness is something that each of us must work out for himself.”

Do not stop at your work and step by step, moment by moment, try to improve your life! Enough of complaining and making excuses!

As a wise man once wrote:

“The bad news is that no one knows the key to happiness, the good news is that it is not closed.”

Minor changes made today will build the foundations for a better tomorrow!

Do you want change and you’re ready for it…? Are you going to make the changes? In a day, a week or a month… You are just waiting for the right time… the perfect moment!

I have a message for you!

The best time to change something is „NOW”!

There is no need to wait! Start changing your life „now” and „tomorrow” you will see the first results!

You say it’s not that simple? That it’s not possible to change the whole outlook on life and reality in one moment?

You feel that you are missing out on something no matter what you do? Do you think that happiness steers clear of you?

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