Need a moment of break? Temple of Down is a right place!

Are you tired of running between attractions of Bangkok? You saw enough of Temples and you survived a visit in the crowdy Royal Palace? You just dream about some small break, to calm down and forget about city noise? Today I’m going to tell you about fantastic place, right in the center of Thailand’s capital, where you can catch a breath and see something fantastic!

Just catch a small ferry on the bank of Chao Phraya River (on the hight of Royal Palace) and wait a few seconds. On the other side you will see something incredible – beautiful temple proudly standing near to the water. Colourful, high and unusual in its decorations.

Wat Arun, although it is a Buddhist temple, was named after the Hindu god connected with a dawn. It refers to the legendary king, who in the early morning on October 1767, came to that place from completely ruined Ayutthaya – old capitol of the empire. For me is a great example of religion tolerance on the territory of Thailand.

Today’s shape temple has gained through the Kings Rama I and Rama II. They took care of its impressive size, but also decorations. Interestingly, the style is a continuation of architecture Khmers, who created their empire on a territory of present Cambodia.

Influence of tree different cultures and traditions created something stunning, which can not be missed during a visit in Bangkok!

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