Love! Yourself!


In the modern world balance between us and the rest of the world is interrupted. Every day I can see thousands of people sacrificing their own good, comfort and happiness for others.

Wives working hard at home after a whole day at the office or other “paid work”… People forgetting their dreams to please beloved… Friends giving up on theirselfs just to fix into the reality of the group…

Where there is no happiness in you, you can not give happiness to others! When the dreams and passions pass away, frustration can be born.

You have to be little selfish. Little! Not too much as well!

Find time for yourself! Find time to spoil a child hidden in you! Do something crazy! Do something what can make you happy! It can be free time for your passion! It can be an evening in bubble bath, if you like it! It can be a small present for yourself, bought from time to time.

Love yourself! Give an example to others, how to do it!

If you will not love yourself, others will never love you as well!

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