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Need a moment of break? Temple of Down is a right place!

Are you tired of running between attractions of Bangkok? You saw enough of Temples and you survived a visit in the crowdy Royal Palace? You just dream about some small break, to calm down and forget about city noise? Today I’m going to tell you about fantastic place, right in the center of Thailand’s capital, where you can catch a breath and see something fantastic!

Just catch a small ferry on the bank of Chao Phraya River (on the hight of Royal Palace) and wait a few seconds. On the other side you will see something incredible – beautiful temple proudly standing near to the water. Colourful, high and unusual in its decorations.

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RULE (2)

Love! Others

A week ago I advised to love yourself (Text can be found HERE) and I’m not gonna change my mind about it. But we can not go too far with this love as well. There has to be a place, in our hearts, for love to other people.

I’m not talking only about mother or father – those two persons who gave you life, raise you up and taught you everything you know now about life. This love is so natural, that it should not even to be discussed.

I’m not meaning also your sister or brother. They are the part of your closest family. Even if you wanna kill them sometimes, at the end always, I mean ALWAYS everything gonna be fine between you too.

I do not think also grandparents who tried to spoil you and till now most probably they see the best person in the entire world, when they look at you.

I’m not mentioning husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend of yours…

They all deserve your love.

They always find time for you, give your attention always when it is required. They are more than worth your love!

But if you will look really carefully, you will notice other people who need your love, and who loves you even from far. Sometimes they do not even ask for your attention, they observe you from far, while they are showing you every day, without a word, their feelings.

Hippies always say “Make love, not war” and even if they mean a little bit different way of “loving”… you should keep these words in your heart.

Love can build much better than hate, fear or blackmail. Start to appreciate what people can give you, and send same love messages into the world.