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Pearl hidden in the sands of desert

Almost every tourist traveling to Egypt will name Pyramids, Sphinx, Luxor, Valley of the Kings or Moses Mountain as the main attractions of the land of the Pharaohs.
Of course, those places for sure are worth a visit, and it’s good to see them with your own eyes, but you have to keep in mind, that the greatest treasures can be hidden in the suburbs of the industrial cities, far from regular tourist routes and the popular Red Sea region.

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Cascades Imouzzer des Ida – Outanane

Image this: great mountains sparkling in the sun with all colours of the rocks and juicy green plants on its hills, small waterfalls and huge cascades, brooks hidden in the forest quietly whispering the song of nature… Sounds good? Well, that place really exists!

If you will ever be in Agadir (Morocco) and you will want to get away for a short while from civilization and see uncontaminated by human hands landscapes, you should explore the waterfalls Imouzzer des Ida – Outanane, located less than 60 km from the tourist resort mentioned above.

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Where the magic happens…

There is a place in Morocco, where the magic happens. The stories of djinns and Arab princesses, dangerous warriors and good rulers, mingle with shout of local retailers. Smell of fruits intertwined with aromas of oriental spices, to die for a moment in a sea of smoke escaping from portable furnaces and ovens standing in rows next to each other.

Women dressed in “jelaba” – traditional Moroccan robes. Almost all of them have hands painted with henna. In that intricate patterns are enchanted wishes of happiness, love and protection from the evil eye.

All that happens, in the shadow of the most famous mosque of the city, next to souku, which attracts thousands of shoppers.

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Bartha recipe – try it at home!


Traveling it is strictly connected with learning about the cuisine of other countries and trying new tastes. In my opinion, it is one of the advantages of living in the modern world, because a hundred years ago only “chosen” or rather “lucky” one had a chance to try dishes prepared on the second end of the world.

Indian cuisine it is really famous and has millions of fans around the Globe. Well, I like it too… but I prefer to test recipes received from housewifes living on Indian Subcontinent then from famous master chefs.

While I had a chance to stay in North India I tried a dish named “Bartha”. Even I am a strict “non-veg” I liked it very much, and a few days ago I made it by myself.

So, here comes the recipe:

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Thais delights…

How many Thai people, so many tastes, how many tourists, so many dishes… or at least you can feel this way, when you see first time “Street Food” in Thailand. I must admit, however, that first encounter with a meals of this area made ​​Me considerable consternation.


Dozens of things loved by the Thai people, the average European or American would not even treat as a meal or food, at least at first glance…

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When the sun says “Good night”…

The topic I want to talk about today is not clearly connected with travels, but for me is an important part of them!

When I arrive to a new place or even during stay in my home town I miss this special time of the day…

This unique moment, when the sun tired after a whole day of wandering in the sky, hide itself after horizont.

Clouds become deeply red or sometimes lightly violet and by this way the sun is trying to say “Good night”…

I am sure you saw sunset thousands times, but I am sure as well that all of them was different and absolutely unique… same as every journey…


Floating Market is a special place where all items are sold from boats. This kind of places can be found in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. In past water transport played an important role in daily life, same as trading this way, but nowadays most of floating markets serve as tourist attractions.

Life is a journey…

Any, even the longest journey begins with the first step, or rather thought of it.

It is born from the desire of knowledge… See … Experience something new, something that will move our world and bring into it some new quality, enrich it internally …

The first step I put centuries ago, buying a ticket to the first independent expedition into the unknown. That time I didn’t know much about other countries, only some main stereotypes…

Now, after thousands of days reading about the different parts of the world and weeks, if not months, spent on traveling, I learn an overview of the history, religion and “must see” of many corners of the globe …

Therefore, the time to take the next step … verify the knowledge … lead to the confrontation with the ability to talk about all the wonders to others…

But travel is not my only love… I am a person of the word, this is why you will be able to read here some parts of my books, and learn about difficulties waiting for self-publishers…

Start with me the greatest journey – discovering life…