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Six nights in Paradise


Summer is almost around the corner! Are you dreaming about some hot summer romance? If yes, you should read what happend to Anna on her holidays!


Day one


       Anna stopped for a moment, strengthening her grip on the handle of her suitcase. Big glass door opened without a sound, letting out more sun-hungry tourists. She didn’t share their enthusiasm. Frankly speaking, she was still trying to decide whether she’d done the right thing coming back after so many years of absence.

It was too late for doubts, though. She wouldn’t get cold feet at the last minute, after all. On the other hand, the perspective of getting on the first plane and going back was very tempting.

She took a deep breath and started to walk. The glass door opened before her, as if touched by a magic wand. Waves of heat and humid air hit her. Still walking, she closed her eyes and inhaled with pleasure the long forgotten smell of Turkey.

The memories of hot days and sultry nights, crazy romances and unrequited love, happy moments spent with friends and nights she cried. Here she lived life to the full and felt all the feelings available to humans. Now all those feelings again became as real as if she had felt them the day before, and not five years ago.

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Puzzles_of_Happiness_ (1)small

Puzzles of Happiness

Puzzles of happiness” is an attempt to find beauty in everyday life, appreciating what we have, but also the motivation to fight for your dreams!

Let it remind you of special moments and things in your everyday life, notice and rediscover them, build your own happiness on their foundations. Find the strength to fulfill your dreams and make a smile your constant companion!
Will you arrange puzzles of happiness with me?

Do what you believe in,
Believe in what you do!

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