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Sunsets are like…

Sunsets are like unique people, who we can meet only once in the life time. Even if you would spend every evening of your life watching the sun hiding after the horizon, you would not be able to see two of them looking exactly the same. Because magic of the moment affects us in a very different way, speak to our imagination, show us illusion created by light but also by our emotions.

Sunsets are like scenery made by the great artist, to give us a moment of contemplation and chance to think about immaterial things influencing on us and our surroundings.

Sunsets are like memories of the first sweet kiss…

RULE (3)

Respect! Yourself


Simple word, used dozen of times every day. Do we really know what does it mean?

According to the dictionary it is “a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way”*
Now I’m asking you – Do you respect yourself?

Yes, you are reading correctly, there is no mistake in my question – Do you respect yourself?

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Love! Yourself!


In the modern world balance between us and the rest of the world is interrupted. Every day I can see thousands of people sacrificing their own good, comfort and happiness for others.

Wives working hard at home after a whole day at the office or other “paid work”… People forgetting their dreams to please beloved… Friends giving up on theirselfs just to fix into the reality of the group…

Where there is no happiness in you, you can not give happiness to others! When the dreams and passions pass away, frustration can be born.

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Puzzles_of_Happiness_ (1)small

Puzzles of Happiness

Puzzles of happiness” is an attempt to find beauty in everyday life, appreciating what we have, but also the motivation to fight for your dreams!

Let it remind you of special moments and things in your everyday life, notice and rediscover them, build your own happiness on their foundations. Find the strength to fulfill your dreams and make a smile your constant companion!
Will you arrange puzzles of happiness with me?

Do what you believe in,
Believe in what you do!

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“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”

Here in Europe the day is almost over… Sit for a second and think about the last few hours you spend at work/school/with friends… Think about good and bad things happened today.

You made some mistake? It happens to all of us, there is nothing to blame yourself about. We are all just the humans! Only those who try to do something can make mistakes. Those who are afraid they do not even try to do something…

Just draw your own conclusions from your mistakes and learn from them, but do not spend your precious time on crying over it… as somebody wise said: “Mistakes are proof that you are trying”!