Cascades Imouzzer des Ida – Outanane

Image this: great mountains sparkling in the sun with all colours of the rocks and juicy green plants on its hills, small waterfalls and huge cascades, brooks hidden in the forest quietly whispering the song of nature… Sounds good? Well, that place really exists!

If you will ever be in Agadir (Morocco) and you will want to get away for a short while from civilization and see uncontaminated by human hands landscapes, you should explore the waterfalls Imouzzer des Ida – Outanane, located less than 60 km from the tourist resort mentioned above.

Already after few kilometers journey, on the way, you will be impressed by the landscapes of “Paradise Valley“, which in my opinion fully deserves its name. Among the canyons and gorges, streams, from the tops of the mountains will unfold views of the surrounding countryside. But more about it maybe I will tell you another time… back to today’s place…

Cascades dominate over small village, with has only about 250 inhabitants. Even from a distance you can see the water trickle down, separated by green belts, and with each meter closer and closer this uncanny impression is intensified.

Between small restaurants and souvenir stands, narrow path leads to the waterfalls. If you have courage and will you can even swim in them, but be warned, water is very cold!

Is it worth it to go to Imouzzer des Ida – Outanane? Of course!

The best time to visit this incredible place is in early spring (February -March), when mountain stream carries the most of water. It creates waterfalls even more impressive than normal. Worst time to visit this place is definitely a summer – because you can find only dry rocks or if you are lucky enough just a small thread of water coming from high mountains…

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