Brand new

Brand new – me!

Summer time can give you lots of topics to write about, or non. Well, I got unfortunately – non, and I’m going to treat it as a challenge!

As you can see (if you have visited my blog before) I made a few changes, both visual and content. Some categories were removed, some changed place, and also you can find few new one. Hope it will make my website more user friendly.

I’m going to keep up with Motivation Monday, in a brand new form of rules to reach your own happiness (First two posts can be found HERE and HERE), I will not give up on travel topics (including cooking from places all around the world) and self-publisher tips, but I’m gonna add my own reviews of books, tv series and movies. Nope, it does not mean it will be connected with fresh – new coming titles (ok, maybe a little), but also with the things which came into my hands in the last days – old one too.

There will be more content from my point of view, less boring facts, which can be found in every book.

So I hope you will enjoy new, refreshed idea of Monika’s Journey. Com!

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