Thais delights…

How many Thai people, so many tastes, how many tourists, so many dishes… or at least you can feel this way, when you see first time “Street Food” in Thailand. I must admit, however, that first encounter with a meals of this area made ​​Me considerable consternation.


Dozens of things loved by the Thai people, the average European or American would not even treat as a meal or food, at least at first glance…

Favorite snack?

Almost every kind of insects. Dried, fried, roasted or any other that you can imagine. Apparently, they are healthy… they gives you easily digestible protein and all kinds of minerals.


However, I gave up and didn’t try them. But I will never forget the sight of dried insects sold at the bus station … like a “cookies” for the way…

Another interesting and very exotic appetizer were scorpions!


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